“HR, coders and manufacturing: The occupations most affected by 457 visa changes”

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The Federal Government’s changes to temporary migration visas would have affected less than 10 per cent of the visas granted in the second half of 2016, official data shows.

The list of occupations eligible for temporary visa status has been cut from 651 to 435 job types.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says the move is designed to put Australian workers first, though key industries have expressed fears about the difficulty they may face hiring top talent.

ABC News has crunched the numbers to see how many visas and which occupations are affected

Removed occupations account for less than 10pc of visas

Data from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection shows that 24,270 primary 457 visas were granted between June and December 2016.

Of those, 2,083 were granted to workers in the 216 occupations that have now been removed from the visa list.

This represents 8.6 per cent of primary 457 visas.

That means nine out of 10 workers who were granted 457 visas in that timeframe would still be eligible for temporary work status under the new scheme.

Which occupations on the removed list were most commonly used?

Of the 216 occupations removed from the visa list, human resource advisers, production managers in manufacturing and web developers will be most affected, based on the number of 457 visas granted in 2015-16.

The chart below shows the top 10 removed occupations granted visas in 2015-16.

Top 10 number of visas granted for removed occupations

Data are from Australian and New Zealand Standard Industry Classification occupations; number of 457 visas granted in 2015-16

  • Human Resource Adviser
  • Production Manager (Manufacturing)
  • Web Developer
  • Training and Development Professional
  • Sales Representative (Industrial Products)
  • Market Research Analyst
  • ICT Support Technicians nec
  • Ship’s Engineer
  • Retail Buyer
  • Procurement Manager
  • Ship’s Officer

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