Brisbane’s perfect weather and safety record makes it the choice for international students

Brisbane’s perfect weather and safety record makes it the choice for international students

A survey of over 1,000 international students studying in Brisbane has revealed the pleasant sub-tropical climate was their top reason for choosing to study in Queensland’s capital city.

The survey, conducted through Brisbane Marketing’s website, also showed students chose Brisbane because it was a safe place to live and was recommended to them by friends.

Brisbane Marketing CEO John Aitken said it was not surprising safety and the environment were key factors in the choice of study destination. -Brisbane is known for its great weather and it has an international reputation as a safe and secure place to study, Mr Aitken said.

More than half of the students surveyed nominated the climate and safety as their top reasons for studying in Brisbane, with other strong drivers being the lifestyle and local attractions and reputation of Brisbane’s education institutions.

QUT Business student Vivian Xiao from the Chinese city of Shenzhen confirmed Brisbane’s sunny reputation and safety record swayed her decision. -The fantastic environment really allows students to relax and enjoy the study process, Ms Xiao said. -Unlike some of the larger cities, Brisbane provides a flexible lifestyle and it is one of the safest cities in the world, so my parents don’t worry about my safety here, she said.

International students also indicated that a key influence was the number of job opportunities available after completion of their course and 45 per cent said if granted a visa, they would stay if offered a job. -These results show international students choose to study in Brisbane because they realise that this city may also provide further opportunities for them in their future careers, Mr Aitken said.

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