Open your Australian Bank Account before you leave home.

As one of Australia’s largest Banks, National Australia Bank (NAB) provides a full range of Financial Services to it’s Customers across it’s National Network of Branches and access to your money via more than 3,400 ATMs at no additional charge. Their Specialist Migrant Team provide a personal Service that includes Account opening before you leave home and a named Banker in Australia.

Their Service includes:

* The ability to open an Account up to one year before you arrive.
* No application fees or minimum deposit requirements.
* Accounts with no monthly account keeping fees, and the opportunity to earn competitive Interest with their on-line Savings Account.
* A Visa Debit Card at no additional cost.
* A named Banker in your chosen destination city, who will have you Cards ready for you on arrival.
* Confirmation of your new Bank details within 4 business days.

To find out more click here:- Apply Here


You can apply for an Australian Bank Account through this application form if you:

Are due to enter Australia to migrate, work, study or take a working holiday.
Plan to arrive in Australia within the next 12 months.
You have been in Australia for less than 6 weeks.
If you’ve been in Australia longer than six weeks, please email with your details

To apply you will need:

About 10 spare minutes
Your passport number and passport expiry date
Your e-mail address
To know your planned arrival date and city
Have a pen and paper to hand to write down your reference number at the end of the application form


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In Australia, only people registered as migration agents can give immigration assistance to people who want to enter or stay in Australia.

It is a criminal offence for an unregistered person to provide immigration assistance or to advertise migration services. Penalties include fines and imprisonment.

If you choose to use the services of a migration agent make sure they are registered by visiting or phoning 1300 22 62 72.

What are the dangers of using an unregistered person?

Unregistered people could:

  • be unaware of current legislation and procedures
  • provide incorrect advice
  • take advantage of clients
  • make false claims regarding your chance of success
  • be breaking the law by providing immigration assistance.

What are the benefits of using a registered migration agent?

Registered migration agents are required to:

  • have a sound knowledge of migration law and practice
  • abide by a Code of Conduct
  • have appropriate insurance
  • pass character tests—including criminal history checks
  • be assessed before providing immigration assistance.

Reporting unregistered people

If you make a report about an unregistered person, this will not affect your visa application in any way. Any information will be treated in confidence.

You can make a report by phoning the department free of charge on 1800 009 623

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