Australian Immigration DIAC Visa fees 1st July 2011

Use this form as a guide to charges and fees (in Australian dollars) for visas and services from 1 July 2011. If you have applied prior to 1 July 2011, please refer to the version that was applicable when you lodged your application.

Payment (or evidence of payment if made in Australia or elsewhere) must accompany your application and is generally not refunded if the application is unsuccessful.

All fees and charges are listed in Australian dollars (AUD) and correct at time of release. If you are paying fees and charges outside Australia, payment will need to be made in the currency
and in the method accepted by the Australian High Commission, Embassy or Consulate, where the payment is being made. To find out the currencies and methods accepted in the country
in which you are making your payment see Fees may be subject to adjustment at any time. Visa Application Charges may be subject to adjustment on 1 July each year.

Medical and radiological examination costs

Permanent and some temporary visa applicants may be required to undertake and pay for radiological and medical examinations. All costs are paid by the applicant directly to the doctors or clinics undertaking the examination. The cost of these examinations undertaken in Australia is approximately $410.
Costs of examinations undertaken outside Australia may vary from country to country. There may be additional costs if further tests or couriers are required. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (the department) does not regulate such charges but where allegations of excessive charging are made, the department may contact the doctor and request that charges be amended in line with prices charged in that country for
similar medical examinations.

For people being examined in Australia, there is also a fee payable to Medibank Health Solutions for a digital photo of each person examined.

Tourist (Subclass 676) $110

Working Holiday (Subclass 417) $270

For people from Belgium, Canada, Republic of Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong SAR, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Taiwan and United Kingdom.

Work and Holiday (Subclass 462) $270

For people from Bangladesh, Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey and USA to
holiday and work in Australia.

Business (Short Stay) (Subclass 456) $120

Electronic Travel Authority (Business Entrant- Long Validity) (Subclass 956) $105

Occupational Trainee sponsorship fee (Subclass 442) $405

Nomination of occupational trainee where 1-20 nominations are lodged together $165

Nomination of occupational trainee where 21 or more applicants are nominated together $3,300

Occupational Trainee visa $305


Lodged outside Australia

Form 157A or 157E Application for a student (temporary) visa

Approved schemes (Subclasses 570, 571, 572, 573, 574, 575, 576) Nil

All other cases 3a $565

Form 157G Application for a student guardian visa

All cases 3a (Subclass 580) $565

3a This student Visa Application Charge includes the International Education Contribution of $115, which contributes to the Australian Government’s initiatives to support international education through the activities of the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

Subclass 457 – Business (Long Stay) Visa

Visa Application Charge $305

Nomination Charge $80

Sponsorship Charge $405

Subclass 422 – Medical Practitioner (Temporary) visa

Visa Application Charge $305

Sponsorship Charge $405

Partner (Subclass 309/100) $1,995

Prospective Marriage (Subclass 300) $1,995

Child (Subclass 101) $1,995

Adoption (Subclass 102) $1,995

Orphan relative (Subclass 117) $1,220

Extended Eligibility (temporary) (Dependent Child) (Subclass 445) $215

Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) $1,995

In addition to the charges set out above, only employers who lodge nominations under the ENS pay a nomination fee $520

Skilled – Independent 175 (Migrant)

Skilled – Sponsored 176 (Migrant)

Skilled – Regional Sponsored 475 (Provisional)

Skilled – Regional Sponsored 487 (Provisional) (first application)

Skilled – Independent 885 (Residence)

Skilled – Sponsored 886 (Residence) $2,960

Skilled – Recognised Graduate 476 (Provisional)

Skilled – Graduate 485 (Provisional)

Skilled – Regional 887 (Residence)

Skilled – Regional Sponsored 487 (12 month renewal)

Skilled – Independent Regional 495 (Provisional) and Skilled – Regional Sponsored 475/487 (Provisional) visa holder applying for permanent residence –
Employer Nomination Scheme, Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme $270

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