AUSTRALIA: An Educated Choice for Filipinos

Australia is fast becoming a preferred destination for Filipinos interested in studying overseas. Ranking 2nd or 3rd with the UK, behind the US, Australian universities and colleges are popular due to their good reputation and favourable features for international students.

According to statistics from Australian Education International (AEI), the international arm of the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, there were 2,406 student enrolments in Australia from the Philippines as at June 2010. This reflects an increase of 24 per cent on the previous year and double the number in June 2006.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) accounted for 60 per cent of total student enrolments, whilst higher education studies accounted for a third. Australia’s vocational courses are popular with international students because they offer industry-linked skills and training, which is valued by employers. Vocational courses at the certificate and diploma level are typically shorter in duration than three-year bachelor degrees. The most popular fields of vocational study for Filipinos are hospitality, business management and network communications.

Bachelors and post-graduate degree programmes, or higher education, are the second most preferred level of study. Filipinos are increasingly taking up courses in nursing, commerce and management and information technology.

The rapid rise in the number of Filipinos choosing to study in Australia reflects a growing awareness of the benefits and positive experiences of an Australian education.

Australia’s education system is highly regarded worldwide, with eight Australian universities in the top 100 institutions in the QS World University Rankings; and 16 Australian universities in the top 200 list of the Academic Rankings of World Universities (ARWU). Leading Australian scientists and researchers have accomplished major breakthroughs in their fields. For a relatively young country with a small population, Australia has produced eight Nobel Laureates who are highly respected for their contributions.

An enriching and pleasant lifestyle is also a major attraction for international students to choose Australia. Being a multicultural society, Filipino students can feel at ease in Australia’s friendly and welcoming atmosphere. With approximately 200,000 Filipinos living in Australia, there is a strong community that can provide support to newcomers.

Outside studying, there is a wide range of activities to suit any preference. From shopping and dining to beaches and outdoor activities, students can enjoy the unique experiences and clean, natural environment Australia offers. Aside from Sydney and Melbourne, other cities that are home to world-class education institutions include Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Attracting over 500,000 international students in 2009, an Australian education also offers the opportunity to establish global, personal and professional networks. Filipino students can study, work and live with colleagues not just from Australia, but also from Asian countries like China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. This provides them with a multitude of opportunities for future international collaboration in their field of study and meaningful, lasting friendships with fellow alumni.

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  1. marrian myrtelle gay gollayan   |  Monday, 07 January 2013 at 11:46 am

    i am a medical technologist student here nin the philippines but i stop because of financial problems i want to work abroad while studying,im only child and my mother is a single mom so i want to earn for my father is a foreigner but since birth i never meet him.i am good in political science also,i am good in communicating with kids,and i am also good in teaching values education.i am also a youth leader here who helps needy kids in the streets.

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